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History Of Celebrity Authors

Long before there were reality show stars, music celebrities, and actors, authors and poets were considered the rock stars of their age. The Romantic poets of the 18th century crafted their own “cults of personality,” since their success depended largely on the financial value their personal reputations brought to their work. As a result, cities like Paris and London blossomed with the “see and be seen” cultures of celebrity gossip and high-profile clubs, except that instead of chasing after actors and actresses, common patrons sought to rub shoulders with writers.

The United States watched a similar rise of the “celebrity as author” with Truman Capote, author of the groundbreaking nonfiction novel “In Cold Blood,” in the mid 20th century. Capote was not only an award-winning writer but also a member of New York’s jet-set society, throwing parties and galas which would rival Gatsby himself. Ubiquitous in newspapers, magazines, and the few television stations available at the time, Capote became a much sought-after celebrity, just as much as the actors and actresses of his time, with whom he also developed many long-lasting relationships.

Today, high profile authors such as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling enjoy celebrity much in the same vein as did Capote, although often without the flamboyance and extravagance. King himself became one of the most recognizable authors of the modern era when his first novel, Carrie, rose to prominence in the mid 1970’s and the book was quickly turned into a successful film. Dozens of novels (and films based on them) followed, including The Shining (1977) and The Stand (1978), with King also foraying into screenwriting and producing. Today, King boasts a massive creative media empire, averaging a new novel every year while producing films and televisions shows throughout as well.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, authors such as Ann Rice rose to prominence in the same vein, and with the growing demand for text-based media that has followed since, today authors such as George RR Martin (Game of Thrones); J.K. Rowling (the Harry Potter series); and Dan Brown (the DaVinci code series) have all enjoyed rock-star success similar to Capote and King, with crossover achievements found as their books were turned into films and smash-hit television series.

Today, high-profile authors enjoy the same demand for public appearances in person, on television, and in print often to the same level as their more traditional “celebrity” counterparts. In recent years, Rowling has been featured as key note speaker for everything from university graduations to TED Talks; King continues to book multiple speaking engagements each year and boasts a politically active Twitter account; and with the success of “Game of Thrones,” George RR Martin keeps up with a staggering speaking schedule, brining his voice to conventions such as ComicCon and ThrillerFest, in addition to dozens of other appearances.


After getting a wish list of entertainers, a date and the budget you wish to stay within from your entertainment request form, we find the act or acts from your list that are available for your specific date that fall within your budget. We then figure out how much of the production responsibilities you wish to take on (i.e. sound, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, etc.) and quote you a price for the entertainment inclusive of the production responsibilities that we will handle.

What are the elements (production responsibilities) that make up a Authors appearance?

Almost every appearance by an individual is made up of the following aspects:

  • - The appearance fee
  • - Flights
  • - Ground transportation
  • - Hotel accommodations
  • - Sound (for speaking)
  • - Misc. rider requirements (i.e. coffee, hot meal, towels, water)

Is there an upfront fee to use Booking

NO. The only time your have to pay anything is if we secure an act for you and our fees are built in to the overall price we quote for the entertainment.

What are rider requirements?

A rider is a list of what the performer requires to perform or make an appearance. It RIDES or is attached to the contract so it is called a rider. This rider includes everything from the number of flights to the sound requirements to the type of food and beverages that they require.

What do you mean by a TURN-KEY event?

A turn-key event means that we will handle all of the necessary requirements mentioned above. This includes providing a producer to fly in to the city where the engagement is being held to handle the show from A-Z. How much we handle depends on how much you feel comfortable dealing with (hotels, ground transportation, etc.).

What is the best way to get started working with Booking

Simply fill out an Entertainment Request Form and an agent will contact you within 24 hours.


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Cormac McCarthy

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Dan Brown

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: 35-50,50 +

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Danielle Steel

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: 35-50,50 +

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Dean Koontz

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: 35-50,50 +

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E.L. James

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee

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Emma Donoghue

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: 35-50,50 +

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Frances Mayes

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: 35-50,50 +

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George R.R. Martin

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee Demo: Under 18,18-25,25-35,35-50,50 +

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Gillian Flynn

Genre: Celebrity Authors Price: Call For Fee

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