Event Planners

Event Planners

As an event planner, you are acutely aware that selecting the ideal entertainment for your upcoming occasion is one of your biggest challenges. Regardless of the purpose of your event — whether it be a personal or family occasion, a professional or company event, or a holiday celebration — every detail of your preparations will bring you closer to exceeding the expectations of your clients. But months into the future, while your event’s attendees may not recall your choice of décor, or your food and beverage options, they will undoubtedly remember your choice of entertainment.


This is why finding the most appropriate entertainment for your client’s event is crucial. Now that you’ve gotten to know your clients, you might even have a clear idea of the type of entertainment they’d prefer — perhaps a celebrity appearance, or a musical performance, or a high-profile comedian. But you might be wondering how someone secures a big name without any already established contacts in the entertainment business.


This is where we can help. For more than twenty years, Booking Entertainment has been helping event planners just like you secure some of the biggest names in music, television, and film, and we can do the same for you. Our time-tested experience as the internet’s leading booking agency includes securing countless high profile acts for everyone from corporate clients such as FedEx and Hilton to the ordinary average family looking to provide a memorable experience for their wedding, anniversary, or holiday celebration.


Our extensive history of well-established relationships in the entertainment industry allows us to not allow help you determine the most appropriate option for your upcoming event, but to also save you up to twenty percent in costs while doing so. And, if you wish, we can also provide you with our full turnkey service, allowing us to handle the entire entertainment portion of your event, right down to all transportation and accommodation requirements and any lighting, backline, or sound needed. As an event planner, you have enough details to focus on; we can take this one crucial element off your plate and ensure a stress-free and productive entertainment experience.


So how do we get started? Simply take a look at our extensive roster of available talent and either give us a call or fill out our no obligation entertainment request form. We’ll get in touch with you within twenty-four hours and get to know more about you and your event, and then help you determine the best option for your occasion and one that fits within your budget. We can then discuss whether you’d like for us to simply negotiate the deal and secure the contracts for your entertainment, or see the event’s entertainment all the way through with our turnkey service. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be surprised how easy the whole process can be.


No need to wait to get started on finding the perfect entertainment for your client – it’s far too important to the success of your event. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Opportunities For Event Planners

As an event planner, you have your go to vendors that you promote to your clients.  With Booking Entertainment, you can offer your clients all of the biggest names in entertainment for their events anywhere in the world.  By using our website or utilizing our BookingEntertainment.com app, you have the entire entertainment world at your fingertips.  We will be happy to assist you in securing any big name act for your client's affairs, and the best part is that they don't need to know that Booking Entertainment was even in the picture...

How event planners can book big name entertainment for their clients

Use the app to browse through over 2,500 entertainers, bands, celebrities and comedians to find the perfect one for your client's tastes and budget.  We will be happy to contract the talent for you, or you can have us produce the entire musical portion of the event.  Our team will even wear your company's shirts to make it look like your company is running the entire production.  With you as our client, we never need to interface with your client, and they never need to know we exist.  We can also build a fee into the contract for you, or you can charge your client a fee over and above.  We will always make sure you are protected in the deal because you are our client.

Please feel free to contact us at (212) 645-0555 with any questions.  You can also email us or fill out an entertainment request form below and one of our entertainment specialists will get back to you right away to discuss exactly what your client is looking for to make booking entertainment for their event an easy and trouble free experience...

Please feel free to fill out our form below and your assigned representative will contact you to see how BookingEntertainment.com can assist you in booking the top bands, entertainers, celebrities and influencers in the world. If we don’t book someone for you, our service is free.

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