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Looking to book big name entertainment for a fair or Music festival anywhere worldwide? makes it easy and trouble free to check availability and pricing for booking any act in the business. If we don't book an act for you, our service is free.

For over 30 years we have booked and produced thousands of concerts for our clients worldwide. We can also handle everything necessary to produce the entertainmnet for your fair or music festival for one all inclusive price so there are no surprises.

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Hire Famous Entertainers for Fairs & Music Festivals

Booking entertainment for festivals whether you are planning a music festival, an art festival, a festival to celebrate a specific occasion, or just a seasonal gathering for your town or neighborhood, coming up with entertainment ideas for a festival can be a daunting task. Maybe you have even selected a few acts already and secured the contracts for their appearance at your event. But when it comes to choosing that headliner – that band or musician that is certain to be the big draw for your festival – how do you narrow down your choices and then negotiate the deal?

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So how do you start working through your list of entertainment ideas for your festival to ensure that you arrive at the perfect option? This is where we at Booking Entertainment come in. Just give us a call (212) 645-0555 Want to talk about your event now?

Give us a call and one of our booking agents, or simply fill out our no-obligation Entertainment Request Form, and one of our agents will get back to you within 24 hours. Once we’ve worked together to narrow down your choices, our agents will negotiate the best possible deal for you, secure the needed contracts, and get things rolling.

Headliners and Celebrity Entertainment for Fairs & Music Festivals

Perhaps you’re early into the planning phase, and you’re trying to hire not only a world class headlining band for your music festival but also multiple acts to perform throughout the day. Maybe your festival is just one day, the lineup is nearly finished, and you just need to secure that headlining band. Or, perhaps your festival is multiple days with multiple stages, and you’re looking for some fairly big names to round out the lineup and appeal to a variety of tastes.

Regardless of where you are in your decision-making process, Booking Entertainment has a massive catalog of performers to choose from, as well as the already established entertainment industry relationship with their agents.

Let's Start Planning

So, who do you envision as the ideal performer able to take your festival to the next level? Maybe you’d like a high-profile or celebrity DJ such as Deadmou5 to attract the party-going crowd, or perhaps an appearance by a world-class comedian such as Jim Jefferies is more your style. Or, maybe you’d like a live performance by a classic group such as Steely Dan, or a famous pop icon such as Christina Aguilera to entertain your festival-goers. Maybe you’ll announce your entertainment choice in advance, or keep it under wraps to build anticipation and enjoy the element of surprise. Your options are endless, and Booking Entertainment can help you narrow down your entertainment ideas for your music festival and ensure that you make the perfect choice.

Unsure? We Are Here to Help

And maybe you’re not sure who you are looking for, and that’s okay, too. During our first contact, we’ll get to know more about you, your festival, your style, and your budget. Our live music booking agents with decades of experience helping festival and fair organizers just like you will help us to brainstorm ideas; you might even find that we have some ideas that had not yet crossed your mind. And then, when you’re ready, we can move forward to negotiating your contracts for the best rate possible, saving you up to twenty percent in costs in the process.

Fair & Festival Entertainment Experience

Whatever it is you need for your music festival, Booking Entertainment can help you make the right selections and negotiate the deals for you, whether it be for one headlining act or multiple acts. Our years of experience means that we’ve already established solid relationships with nearly everyone in the business – and we can make those years of experience work for you. And while our client list boasts some of the biggest names in the corporate world—including Google, UPS, Hilton, and Nike—we have spent just as much time working with families, individuals, and event organizers just like you.

Turn-Key Entertainment

Once we’ve negotiated the best deal for you, if you wish, Booking Entertainment can also provide turnkey service for your headlining band or whatever bands we’ve helped to secure for you, ensuring a flawless and stress-free performance that will give you peace of mind. We can handle everything from transportation and accommodations for your chosen acts and crew members, to lighting, sound, and backline equipment as needed. With the overwhelming responsibilities that come with overseeing an entire music festival, having a few responsibilities taken off your plate will ensure a smooth, perfectly executed event from start to finish. Let us ensure that your event is the success you are hoping it will be.

  • Over 30 years of industry experience & relationships.

  • Thousands of happy clients around the world.

  • Our Turn-Key Pricing Option includes every necessary expense with no addition surprises.

  • Our on-site producer will make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • If we don’t book someone for you, our service is free.

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If we don’t book someone for you, our service is free.

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