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Hospital Fundraisers

If you’re planning a fundraiser for your hospital, you already know that one of the most crucial considerations to make your event a success is your choice of entertainment. No doubt, your hospital’s fundraiser is one of the most powerful tools to not only raise necessary funding, but to bring awareness to the many wonderful services your hospital provides. And while all considerations for your fundraiser are important — location, décor, and refreshments — no aspect of your fundraiser is more essential to the event’s success than your choice of entertainment.

Hospital Fundraiser Entertainers

You might be surprised to find that securing a big name act for your hospital’s fundraiser is much easier than you’d anticipated. As the internet’s leading booking agency, we at Booking Entertainment have been securing some of the industry’s most impressive musicians, actors, celebrity speakers, and comedians for fundraisers just like yours. With more than two decades of well-established relationships in the business, we can make the intimidating and arduous process of negotiating contracts with agents an absolute breeze for you.

Hospital Fundraiser Entertainment Ideas

Whether you’re considering a comedian such as Jimmy Kimmel or a performer such as Stevie Nicks to encourage your guests to help support your hospital, selecting the right entertainment to match your goals and budget is among the most crucial decisions you’ll make. You might choose to advertise your celebrity presence in advance to build anticipation and interest, or even keep the identity under wraps for a big reveal at the actual event. Whatever your choice, we can not only negotiate the deal and secure the contracts for you, we can also — if you wish — provide full turnkey service for the entertainment portion of your hospital’s fundraiser.

Unsure? We Are Here to Help

It’s possible that you’re not even sure yet which genre of entertainment might be best for your goals. Do you want a musical act? A celebrity appearance or speaker? A comedian? You might not be sure, or you might know that you want a musical performer but you’re not sure which style of music is best. A large band? An acoustic performer? The list of options is endless, and we can help you navigate your choices. During our first call, we’ll learn more about your hospital, your fundraising goals, and your ideas for entertainment. Together we’ll brainstorm the best options for you and ensure that your chosen act is the one most likely to maximize your return. We might even have some suggestion for you that you’d not yet considered.

Hospital Fundraising Event Experience

Our experience with hospital fundraisers is extensive with many successful fundraising events for hospitals. And while some of our clients are among the biggest names in corporate America—including FedEx, Intel, and Verizon—but we have also spent just as much time over the last twenty years working with smaller corporations, nonprofits, and individuals. Let us put our established connections and decades of production experience to work for you. We can help you secure crucial talent within your budget that will not only ensure the success of your fundraiser, but save you up to twenty percent in costs while doing so.

Turn-Key Entertainment

Our turnkey service takes the burden of handling the entertainment portion of your fundraiser off your plate. If you wish, we can handle all your celebrity’s needs to ensure a smooth appearance or performance, including transportation, accommodations, backline, and lighting or sound. Our agents will ensure that you can enjoy the entertainment alongside your guests, giving you an opportunity to further build relationships with your potential donors and maximize the financial benefits of your fundraiser. Leave the challenges of production up to our seasoned experts, while you maximize your opportunities to network with your donors.



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