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Your corporate networking event undoubtedly is among the most important events you’ll plan for this year. Networking can be the life support of a company for a variety of reasons, and regardless of the location, size, or scope of your upcoming event, you’ll want to make sure that it is executed flawlessly to maximize its productivity. You’ve probably realized by now that one of the key elements to ensure a successful networking event is providing entertainment for your attendees; and, you certainly also know that the quality of the entertainment will certainly impact the event’s success more than any other factor.


Coming up with entertainment ideas is challenging enough, but if you’ve decided to book a big name act for your networking event, you might be unsure where to start. This is where we come in. Booking Entertainment has been assisting companies just like yours narrow down their entertainment options for networking events for more than twenty year, and we would be happy to do the same for you.


As the internet’s leading booking agency, our experience includes securing hundreds of big name acts for Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, Verizon, and Intel, and also for smaller companies and individuals. Our vast experience sets us apart from our competitors, and our various clients have come to rely on us as not only as a crucial resource to negotiate contracts with high-profile entertainment, but to also save them up to twenty percent in costs by doing so.


Maybe you would like a high profile musician or a comedian to perform for your attendees. Or, perhaps a celebrity speaker or appearance by a well-known actor is more your style. With nearly any act in any genre at our fingertips, we can assure a stress-free productive networking event for you, and if you prefer, we can also oversee all aspects of the entertainment portion of your networking event. That includes not only handling all arrangements for travel for your chosen act, but also any details required for the execution of the entertainment at your networking event, including any backline, sound, lighting, or other staging required. There’s no reason to leave the complicated details of your networking event’s entertainment up to chance; we can ensure a flawless execution on your behalf.


So, how do you start working through your list of entertainment ideas to come up with the perfect option? You could review our roster pages and select a few acts you think might be appropriate for your networking event, and then give us a call to discuss. Or, if you already know precisely the act you want, you could fill out our Entertainment Request Form and one of our agent’s will get back to you within twenty-four hours.


No need to wait to get started on your corporate event’s entertainment – When your company’s reputation is riding on the line, it’s crucial that you select your entertainment carefully to ensure the greatest success for your event.


Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Networking Event Entertainment Ideas

Booking big name entertainment for your networking event is no longer a challenge. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use Booking Entertainment to bring big name acts to your networking event. Well known entertainment is crucial to the success of your event, whether the act is a surprise for the guests or splashed on the front of the invitation to build excitement. For almost twenty years Booking Entertainment has been providing full service, turnkey events for clients seeking to obtain headline entertainment for their networking events, with a all in one “no surprise” package price.

From Sarah Brightman to Maroon 5, Jon Stewart to Ray Romano, almost any act is available to help make your networking event successful and entertaining. All of the same elements go in to putting on a concert at your networking event, no matter the location. These elements include flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, staging, backline equipment, lights, sound, per diems, misc. rider requirements, and fees. But with our onsite team to produce the musical portion of the event, all these responsibilities are already handled flawlessly for you, so you can relax and enjoy your favorite act with your guests.

How To Book Big Name Entertainment For Networking Events

The biggest challenge for individuals preparing for a networking event has always been knowing who to call to book big name entertainment for the occasion. But now clients can fill out a simple Entertainment Request Form, available right on, and provide all the details about their networking event, making the process streamlined and easy. Within 24 hours, a Booking Entertainment agent will make contact to discuss the process and answer any additional questions. Once the best entertainment choice has been narrowed down, the agent will return with a turnkey price to include all the elements mentioned above. Clients can confirm at this point whether or not they wish to proceed, and Booking Entertainment will submit the formal offer to the chosen talent. If the offer is accepted by the act, contracts are issued and Booking Entertainment handles everything else.

It’s that simple for you. Just fill out the Entertainment Request Form to begin booking your entertainment for your networking event today.



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