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Looking to book big name entertainment for a public concert anywhere worldwide? makes it easy to check availability and pricing for booking any act in the business for your public concert. If we don't book an act for you, our service is free.

For over 30 years we have booked and produced thousands of concerts for our clients worldwide. We can also handle everything necessary to produce the show for one all inclusive price so there are no surprises.

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Booking Entertainment For Public Concerts

The kind of planning that goes into a public concert can be overwhelming, and involve dozens of different considerations. Regardless of the purpose of your public concert – whether it be a holiday celebration, a tribute performance, or another type of event – the thought you put into planning your public concert will speak volumes about its importance. And of course, since your performance choices are sure to make or break the success of your occasion, your entertainment considerations cannot be overlooked.

No matter the venue from parks to beaches and public places where visitors enjoy musical entertainment.

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We can supply the entertainment ranging from rock, polka, edm, and pop to jazz and blues, From todays biggest bands of 50s, 60s, 70's or 80's and beyond.

Get Started

So, how do you start narrowing down your public concert band or performance options and begin negotiating the deal? Just give us a call, or fill out our no obligation Entertainment Request Form. Within twenty-four hours, one of our agents will get back to you and start the ball rolling. During our first conversation, we’ll get more familiar with you, your style, the nature of your concert, and your entertainment preferences. Then, we’ll put our experience and relationships to work for you, and negotiate the best deal possible. You’ll be surprised to realize how easy the entire process can be.

Public Concert Entertainers

Although your guests will certainly remember many aspects of your public concert for years to come, the one aspect which will remain with them and impact them the most is your choice of entertainment. Although selecting the right entertainment for you public concert might actually be the easiest part of the planning process, it may seem like it would be the most challenging. You might assume that securing some of the biggest names in entertainment for your event would be impossible, but with our help, it can be easily coordinated.

Public Concert Entertainment Ideas

Maybe you’re looking for big-name acts such as Barenaked Ladies or Pearl Jam to appear at your concert. Or, maybe a singular performer on the rise and to suit a specific style, such as Childish Gambino or a DJ such as Deadmou5. If your event is country-themed, perhaps an appearance by Blake Shelton is more appropriate, or if you’re looking to attract a more alternative crowd, someone like Imagine Dragons. You might want to advertise your entertainment choice in advance, to further built some anticipation before the concert, or perhaps you want to keep the identity of your special guest under wraps for a big reveal. Whatever you choose, we can make it happen.

Unsure? We Are Here to Help

Maybe you’ve already got a list of acts you’d like to hire, in which case we can get things going for you quickly. Or, perhaps you are not firm on the lineup and we can provide some suggestions. Maybe you’ve got most of your acts secured but just need help booking the headliner. Whatever the case, we are here to offer suggestions, negotiate the deals, and see the event through to the end if you wish.

Public Concert Experience

Booking Entertainment has been helping public concerts planners just like you secure high-profile entertainment for more than twenty years, sometimes for the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies. We also have two decades of firmly established relationships with some of the biggest names in film, television, and music, and we would be delighted to help you narrow down your public concerts entertainment ideas and pinpoint the best form of entertainment for your concert – one that suits your budget, your style, and your goals for the occasion.

Turn-Key Entertainment

And, if you choose, Booking Entertainment can not only negotiate the deal with your chosen act, but also oversee the entire entertainment portion of your public concert, so that you don’t have to hassle with things such as lighting, sound, backline, or travel arrangements. Our goal is to provide a stress-free and streamlined experience so that you can enjoy your public concert with your guests instead of having to worry about the minutiae. The turnkey option also includes one of our expert on-site producers to ensure that everything runs smoothly, giving you tremendous peace of mind.

  • Over 30 years of industry experience & relationships.

  • Thousands of happy clients around the world.

  • Our Turn-Key Pricing Option includes every necessary expense with no addition surprises.

  • Our on-site producer will make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • If we don’t book someone for you, our service is free.

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If we don’t book someone for you, our service is free.

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