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As a wedding planner, you know that selecting and booking entertainment for your clients’ wedding may indeed be the choice that ultimately makes their wedding the incredible memory it should be, for the couple and guests alike. You fully understand that while this milestone event deserves only the most meticulous consideration for all its details — location, style, menu, décor, theme — but that the choice of entertainment can truly make or break the success of the event.


While most couples might assume that securing a big name in music, television, or film for their wedding is impossible, you probably know that it’s not as impossible as they might think. If you’re already on our site and reading through this page, you clearly understand that couples all around the world frequently secure some of the most impressive acts in entertainment for their weddings, and that doing so can actually be quite simply. And you and your clients are no different.


As the internet’s leading booking agency, at Booking Entertainment we’ve secured thousands of high profile performers for many Fortune 500 companies, but we’ve also been helping couples just like your clients secure high-profile acts for their weddings for more than two decades. Our history of well-established relationships with some of the biggest names in the business enables us to not only help select the most appropriate entertainment options for your couple, but also to negotiate the best deal possible and save them up to twenty percent in costs while doing so.


Perhaps your clients are dreaming of someone such as Michele Buble or Adele performing for their first dance. Or, maybe they are looking for some lighthearted entertainment for the cocktail hour, from a comedian such as Samantha Bee or Jay Mohr. Or, maybe they are considering a classic band such as Journey performing for part of their reception. Whatever their choice, Booking Entertainment can not only negotiate your deal and secure contracts, but if you and your clients desire, we can also provide full turnkey service for the entire entertainment portion of the wedding.


As a wedding planner already inundated with myriad details to consider, surrendering the oversight of the entertainment would clearly be a welcome opportunity for you. If you choose our turnkey service, we’ll take care of all the entertainment details, right down to any accommodations or transportation required for your chosen celebrity, plus any needs for lighting, sound, or backline equipment. Instead of stressing over the entertainment’s flawless execution, you might even be able to enjoy it a bit alongside your clients and witness firsthand the incredible memories being made right there at that moment.


So let’s get started. Simply fill out our no obligation Entertainment Request Form and one of our agents will get back with you within twenty-four hours to help you explore your client’s options and get things rolling. No need to wait to get started on your client’s wedding entertainment options – it’s far too important to the success of the event.


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Opportunities For Wedding Planners

As a wedding planner, you have your go-to vendors that you promote to your clients.  With Booking Entertainment, you can offer your clients all of the biggest names in entertainment for their weddings anywhere in the world.  By using our website or using our brand new Booking Entertainment app, you have the entire entertainment world at your fingertips.  We will be happy to assist you in securing any big name act for your client's wedding, and the best part is that they don't need to know that Booking Entertainment was even in the picture.

How wedding planners can book big name entertainment for their clients

Use the app to browse through over 2,500 entertainers, bands, celebrities and comedians to find the perfect one for your client's tastes and budget.  We will be happy to contract the talent for you, as well as produce the entire musical portion of the wedding.  Our team will even wear your company's shirts to make it look like your company is running the entire production.  With you as our client, we never need to interface with your client, and they never need to know we exist.  We can also build a fee into the contract for you, or you can charge your client a fee over and above.   We will always make sure you are protected in the deal because you are our client.

Please feel free to contact us at (212) 645-0555 with any questions.  You can also email us or fill out an entertainment request form below and one of our entertainment specialists will get back to you Right away - 24 hours to discuss exactly what your client is looking for to make booking entertainment for their event an easy and trouble free experience…

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